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Note from the photographer - Silver Strike Series

Taken in morning sun streaming through my window; minimal retouching

Photographing glass and silvered surfaces is very difficult because of the highly reflective nature of the subject. Using light diffusing baffles to eliminate the glare and reflections from Gay Wyn's exquisite jewel vases, the colours, details and shape of the vase's surface have been recorded (see the other images on this website).

However, the ever-changing effects of light on transparency, sheen, iridescence, colour -- in fact, the very essence and life of the pieces -- have been lost.

My apologies to the artist for failing to capture on film the true vibrant, dynamic, nature of her work.

Perhaps you will find yourself carrying the jewel around the house like I do, putting it down in a patch of sunlight beside you to watch the play of light make the colors dance. And then you'll pick it up to cradle it in your hands to catch something new that you never saw before.



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