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silver strikes - the 5 amigos

Gay Wyn's early training as a geologist and chemist is put to good use in her "Silver Strike" pieces, where a molten silver-rich liquid is floated on the surface of the glass piece, while still on the blowpipe. The intense heat (over 2300 F) of the glassblowing process allows the pure silver to deposit onto the glass surface, forming layers of pure silver crystals, silver threads and even silver beads. This echoes the geochemical processes through which many rich and famous silver mines were formed.

Her love of wild flower photography influenced her "Angel's Trumpet" design, which captures the living movement and graceful lines of a floral unfolding. These dramatic vases are tranquil in their stand-alone grace, and perfect for a bouquet.

Her lovely sense of design, style and refinement result in jewels for your home that you will treasure for a life time, for both their extraordinary serene beauty and for the fond memories of the occasion that they were purchased to celebrate.

Q GlassWorks designs are original and unique to the studio and each piece is signed and dated.

Gay Wyn in the studio

Gay Wyn Quance began her studies as a glassblower in 1984 at the Ontario College of Art and Design, in Toronto, Canada after graduating with an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry and Geology from Carleton University in Ottawa, Canada. She has studied in glass studios in Mexico City, New York City, Vancouver, Venice, and Whangarei, New Zealand; wherever she traveled she would listen for the roar of the glass furnaces. She now divides her time between Toronto and Utah.